" The Faceless Puppet "


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This is a celebration of the main actors who characerized the Manga-Fan-Generation.

Inspire yourself

Trace a mark

''With great powers comes great responsibility''

They don't need it. It's their traits to carry the message.

The power to unite is what really makes up the potential.

People from everywhere meet ideologically thanks to these heroes. The magic happens here: part of their fantastic side falls in from their world and becomes ours.

The numbers of comic fans is increasingly higher every year, in parrellel with the number of events created to celebrate these characters.

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''Human strength lies in the ability to change yourself''

this is a fanart collection made by apicidesign

None of them has been generated but digital-painted

Behind ApiciDesign there’s Alessio P.  a young italian artist with an ecletic background. 

I think we live in world where often how and who we pretend to be, appears to be more important than who we really are ” 

Metaverse, this newborn network of virtual worlds focused on social connections. The power of nowdays technology can reduce the boundaries to a point where they don’t exist anymore.
That’s why I came up with The Faceless Puppet. These creatures will live in the Ethereum blockchain where their  message will be kept forever.

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